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Highlight for May 2015

BNSF 117 and 628 are a study in contrasts.


A contrast study: BNSF GP60M 117 and BNSF B40-8W 528 approach north Flagstaff AZ heading west on March 24, 2012. The worn looking Santa Fe "ghost" locomotive is actually a few months younger than the 117. Both started out as warbonnets - the pride of Santa Fe's fleet in 1990. The 117 was repainted into the BNSF "pumpkin" color scheme while the 628 simply continued to toil on. (As of February of this year it was still "ghosting" around the Flagstaff (and probably Kingman area) doing its job regardless of it's paint scheme..


Sony A900 - 1/1000 sec. - ISO 400 - f/7.1 - Sony 70-400mm SSM G lens at 135mm. Processed with Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS6.



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