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BNSF 6780, 79, and 78 at Scholle, NM on Septembe 11, 2011.

New power on new rails. Brand new ES44C4's 6778, 6779 and 6780 along with ES44DC 7622 are heading on to the new Abo Canyon main track at Scholle, NM on Septembe 11, 2011. This is probably the maiden trip for the 3 C4's as consecutive numbered units usually don't stay together long. The track on which the train is running was the old main line, but with the double tracking, it is now cut into the new main line. Trains here normally run "left hand main", which means that downhill trains take the new main line through the canyon. The equipment to the right of the train is sitting on the old alignment of the right hand main line which crossed over to the single main line at roughly that point (refer to other photos of Scholle on this site). Scholle was where westbound trains were held while waiting for eastbound traffic through the canyon. Now, they suddenly appear and glide on through almost silently as they are heading downgrade.
Sony A900 - 1/1000sec. - f/6.3 +0.3 - ISO 250 - Minolta AF 70-210mm f/4 lens ("beercan") at 90mm. Processed with DXO Optics Pro 7 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.


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