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Railroad Photography

Conrail Images

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Conrail U23C 6911 near the Port ofAlbany, NY in January 1989

Conrail 5711 and 5692 leave Saranac Lake in February 1980.

Conrail SD40-2 6471 and C40-8W 6204 at Voorheesvile

Conrail SD40-2 6493 at Voorheesville Jct, NY in September 1993

Conrail U23C's 6915 and 6918 switching at Selkirk, NY in September 1994.


Conrail C40-8 6232 leads a westbound light engine movement at Cassandra, PA in April 1998. Conrail SD40 6349 brings a train of empty coal cars into Cresson, PA in late December 1987. Conrail SD45-2 6663 being serviced at the Cresson, PA engine terminal in December 1987. Conrail SD40 6291 at Cresson, PA in late December 1987 Conrail B36-7 heading toward Selkirk yard at Game Farm Road in September 1994.


Conrail C40-8W 6254 near Guilderland, NY heading for Selkirk yard in September 1994. Conrail 6027 passing Game Farm road NY after leaving Selkirk yard in Sep. 1994. Conrail 6204 waits at the end of the controlled siding at Palmer Massachusetts in August 1994 Conrail 6067 is at the point of a 2 unit light engine move out of Selkirik in Sept. 1994. Another view of the Conrail power on the freight ready to head west from Palmer, Massachusetts in August 1994.


Conrail 6577 leads a brace of C30-7's up Washington hill, MA in the fall of 1998. Conrail B23-7 1998 at Rotterdam Jct. early January 1989. Conrail SD40's 6286 and 6291 await their next helper service call at Cresson, PA in December 1987. Conrail SD40-2 6450 clatters across the diamond at Voorheesville, NY in September 1994. Conrail SD80MAC at Selkirk Jct., NY in spring 1997.


Conrail B23-7 1914 is returning to Selkirk in September 1994. Conrail 5503 near Guilderland along with two C39-8's.