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UP 8096 at North Platte, NE in April 1980.

Union Pacific SD40-2H 8096, a "fast forty" heads for the servicing area at Union Pacific's Bailey yard in North Platte, NE late on an April 1980 day. The 8096 was delivered in 1979 as part of the last group of 25 SD40-2H's which were geared for high speed service (80mph instead of 65mph) to keep up with the DDA40X Centennials. They were often lashed up as a "centennial sandwich" with the fast forty between two centennials. When the 1980 recession sidelined the 6900's, the "fast forty's" were regeared to 65mph and renumbered back into the 3000 series. The 8096 became the 3605, retired to become CEFX 3159 and now NS 3451. When this photograph was made, the 8096 was less than a year old, and today (April 2013), 33 years later, it's still working for a Class 1 railroad.


Nikon F2 - Kodachrome slide digitally copied with Sony A99V, Sony 50mm f/2.8 lens, Kenko 12mm extension tube and Nikon ES1 Slide Copying Adapter. Copy Settings: 1/6 sec. - f/10 - +0.7 EV - ISO 100. Processed with Raw Photo Processor (RPP) and Photoshop CS6.


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